Catheter systems and catheter technology
for intensive care

Advanced Medical Balloons (AMB) combines intelligent design with the exceptional elastic properties of polyurethane to create flexible, leakproof catheters that enable novel treatment-oriented applications and new ways of working in ICUs.

Maximum patient safety and user orientation – these are the guiding principles in the design and development of our systems.

Founded in 2009, AMB has become a leading supplier of catheter technology to intensive care units across Europe and now launching into the US market. To live up to our claim of developing user-oriented products for maximum patient safety, we put quality first at every step in the value chain.


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FDA approval

Upon FDA approval, Advanced Medical Balloons launches innovative hygh-tec catheter system for ICU stool drainage in U.S. market

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Unique & innovative: hygh-tec

Our hygh‑tec system satisfies every requirement for state-of-the-art fecal management and opens up additional preventive medical and therapeutic options.


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See what customers are saying

"Awake patients confirm it feels comfortable to wear during early mobilization."

Jürgen Noé, Head of ICU,
Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit,
Saarland University Hospital (UKS), Homburg, Germany

"The only drainage system that works."

Sandy Richter, Head Nurse, Burn Unit,
Bogenhausen Hospital, Munich (München Klinik Bogenhausen)

"For the first time, we had a system with no fecal leakage."

Wolfram Popp, Head Nurse,
Intensive Care Unit 123 with Burn Center,
SHI Accident Hospital (BG-Unfallklinik Murnau), Murnau, Germany

"It allows for effective wound care in the sacral area even in patients with diarrhea."

Sebastian Kruschwitz, Wound Management Department Head
Ventilation and Intensive Care Center, Berlin

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